Why Unisex Sunglasses?

Here at Filtr our purpose is greater than just saying we’re for inclusivity; social responsibility is a driving force behind our personal worldview and we want our product design to reflect that in each pair of frames we produce. 

Often times brands define a gender line as a marketing ploy to ensure a greater selection of items for products that, in our opinion, don’t require a gender ID. From toothbrushes to tote bags, there are pieces that you can swap with any one of your friends and find the utility of its purpose served and often the exploration of a style that wasn’t “meant” for you, actually more you. All fashion can be unisex fashion and our nonbinary, classic sunglasses are meant for everyone. 

All Filtr sunglasses are purposefully unisex because we want to empower our customers to decide what they can or should wear. Our timeless designs are perfect for every gender, skin tone and style. Only you can define what looks good on you and we will always be here to provide you with cool shades and unique lenses that make your world look better.