“I was wearing my Ambre lenses on a nature walk the other day amazed at the beauty of everything… granted, nature is beautiful as it is, but then I remembered I was wearing my Filtrs! The matte Audreys are so comfy on my face that sometimes I forget I’m wearing them!”

“Love my Filtr glasses! I like that they are stylish and the polarized lens looks great! I go to a lot of music festivals and want to look my best but also want quality at a good price and these definitely do it for me. Also can wear them at more formal events. They are great for any occasion day and night!”

“I love these sunglasses! My Audreys are a great style and comfortable fit. They are by far my favorite pair I own.”

“Filtr Sunglasses outclass any pair of Ray-Bans or Oakleys I’ve ever owned. The hinges are super sturdy, with no unsettling flimsiness or wiggle of the arms. The fit is firm, but not tight, so they don’t pinch, slide off my face, or need constant readjustment. What really sets them apart for me is the crisp clarity of the polarization – once you put them on, you can tell there’s something special about them right away.”

My Audrey Soleil sunglasses are definitely my go-tos. They’re SO easy to style, and I always get so many compliments! Wish I never had to take them off! 💛

“My Filtr Sunglasses are my go to pair of shades especially for sunny days. My eyes feel so protected and the colors and tones of what I’m looking at are incomparable! Everything looks sharper and the colors are beautifully enhanced. Also, as someone with a narrow face, my sunnies usually slide right off me but these have the best and most snug fit ever. Thank you Filtr for making my sunglasses dreams come true!”

We are grateful to all our customers and love that Filtr Sunglasses make their world better.

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