Our Vision

We believe that how we treat each other is important and it’s up to all of us, individuals and businesses alike, to speak with a kind and inclusive voice. Our motto “Make Your World Better” is not just about how our proprietary lens tints make the world around you look better, it’s also a reminder to always do our part to make the world better through how we engage with each other and through every interaction with every single customer.
At Filtr, we believe that everyone can be an agent of change. We believe that now more than ever it is up to us to forage the path we wish to walk, project the love we wish to see in the world, and create the space to see each another as we wish to be perceived. This in part is why all of our sunglasses feature unisex styles so in our small way we can empower you to be the one that decides what looks good on you without the influence of antiquated gender stereotypes.
Ten years from now we want to be able to look at the social media and cultural landscape and see a society that is more caring and inclusive, and Filtr wants to be on the front lines in shaping how brands interact with their customers by fostering a community based on shared values that transcend a simple desire for fashionable quality sunglasses.
Whether it’s an encouraging comment you post or a smile you give to a stranger on the street, it’s up to all of us, including companies and the people behind them, to make our world a better place. We know that we are just a little sunglasses company but we think it is important to actively make inclusivity part of our vision for the future we want to see. Words and actions matter and we will always do our part to make our world more kind and inclusive… and look good doing it.
Filtr Sunglasses. Make your world better.