Our Lenses

Filtr Sunglasses started with the idea of creating lenses that actually enhance the wearer’s experience and not just cover your eyes with blacked out and blah tints. With that goal in mind we narrowed down our ideal tints to three – blue, sepia and rose. Each of these colors have their own distinctive qualities.

Filtr Sunglasses - Soleil Lens


The Soleil lenses (pronounced so-Lay) create the perfect sepia scene that makes everywhere you go feel like it’s summer. This versatile amber-colored tint enhances contrast, improving depth perception while still making colors pop.

soleil collection


Ether lenses have a cool blue hue with a dreamy gradient tint. These lenses are our lightest tint and are great for overcast days or low light environments. Blue helps further reduce glare, defines contours and enhances color perception.

ether collection
Filtr Sunglasses - Ether Lens
Filtr Sunglasses - Ambre Lens


Ambre is our darkest tint and offers a rosy shade and a little more privacy. The rose color reduces eye strain and has the greatest amount of contrast and depth making it perfect in bright conditions.

Ambre collection