Historically Speaking, Sunglasses Are Badass

From fighter pilots to fashionistas, sunglasses have long held its place in unforgettable moments in modern culture. At Filtr, we know the importance of not only looking good (and protecting your eyes) but also making your mark on the moment. We’ve gathered a brief history and a couple of our favorite badass snaps of classic sunglasses throughout its early history.

In the early 1750s, innovator James Ayscough created tinted lenses for sunglasses with the belief that tinted lenses would serve as corrective impairment for vision by eliminating the sun’s glare. A century and a half later, we began to see sunglasses worn by actors and actresses on set in Hollywood, catalyzing the mass production of sunglasses in 1929. Sam Foster, founder of Foster Grant of Atlantic City, played an integral role in marketing and mass-producing sunglasses after their introduction to America. His aim was for sunglasses to function as protective eyewear from the glare of both the sun and bright set lights. A few years later, Edwin H. Land adapted the Polaroid filter for sunglasses to create polarized lenses. Soon enough, Ray-Ban revolutionized the sunglasses industry by utilizing Bausch and Lomb’s innovation to create the aviator sunglasses, which were vastly popularized by everyone from General Douglass MacArthur to celebrities and the rich and famous. 

Stay tuned for our next post on sunglasses in recent history and how our specialty tints are advancing sunglasses today!